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A mother is the most irreplaceable person in your life and what better way to express your love for her than to treat her extra special on Mother’s Day. Along with birthdays and festive occasions, it is the one important day marked on all our calendars. With this special day just around the corner, Giftbag.ae is here to make gifting for your mum easier and making her feel loved, a very easy and simple process. So, whether you are looking for a gift that you want to personalise to your mum’s taste or looking for a last minute surprise delivery, you need to look no further.

Mother’s Day

With this special day observed in many countries, there isn’t one fixed date for Mother’s Day. Depending on which part of the world you are from and where currently residing, the dates for Mother’s Day can vary. This year, UK will be celebrating Mother’s Day on 31st of March and the USA on 12th of May. And what about the UAE? Yes, indeed there is a different date for us and we will be celebrating on the 21st of March.

Gifting options

We can all agree that no two mum’s are the same. And neither will be their gift preferences. While some will love receiving a blooming bouquet of flowers, the ones with a sweet tooth may look forward to a delicious box of chocolates. And ofcourse, if you are unsure, go ahead and spoil her with everything!

So, let’s look at the various options available at GiftBag.ae to choose from:


1.       Flower Power –

You can’t really go wrong with this beautiful feminine pink bouquet of roses, lilies and gerberas.

 Pink Beauty



 Add some sunshine to your mum’s day with these gorgeous yellow blooms

 Sunny Asiatic Lillies



We all know red roses mean ‘I love you’, so say just that to your mum with 15 of them

Long Stem Roses



2.       Sweet gesture –

Say your sweet message to your mum with a box of chocolates

Mother's Day 2 layer chocolates



Can’t decide between chocolates or a bouquet? Go for both with this chocolate bouquet

Chocolate Bouquet



Only the best GODIVA chocolates for the best mum in the world

Godiva Couer 14



3.       Personalise it -

Capture your favourite moments with this personalised tile frame

I Love my Mom Stone



Let her know she’s an irreplaceable puzzle piece with this personalised puzzle set

Personalised Puzzle



Make your mum’s coffee break count and always be on her mind

I Love you Mug



This was just a sneak peek into the various Mother’s Day special gift options available on Giftbag.ae. Be sure to check out the website for more ideas, ranging from gourmet cakes to funky balloons and so much more. Giftbag.ae’s personalised customer service can also assist you with finding the perfect gift, within your budget and arrange for it to be delivered exactly where you want in Dubai.


Hasn’t gifting for Mother’s Day this year just gotten easier?


This post has been written by Khushboo Sanjania, a blogger on www.mumzynotebook.com. Khushboo, a mum of a three year old and an ex-primary teacher, loves to write about her lifestyle in Dubai, all the creative things she gets up to with her daughter and general parenting tips.


Feb 27, 2019 4:46:31 AM By Latika Chawla 0 Comments Gift Ideas,

At Giftbag.ae we love Valentine’s Day! What’s not to love about the day of love?

We want to try to make it special for everyone. So even if your love is out of town, or if you’re facing a cash crunch and cannot send them something big and expensive, we have just the thing for you.

Presenting not one, but four different designs of A4 Valentine Posters that you can use to express your love. It’s as simple as 1,2,3,4.

  1. Have a look at all our designs - Cupcake, Rest of my Life, Always on my Mind, Heartbeat.
  2. Choose the design you like best (or all) and Add to Cart
  3. Enter your email address and complete the order
  4. Receive the Printable file by email
  5. Print it and Frame it or Email it to your love!


If you’re feeling like you want to do a little more for your love, then we have lots more Valentine Gift options to choose from too. Head on to our Valentine’s Day page for the complete catalogue of gifts to send to your loved one in Dubai.

Valentine's Day Flowers Dubai

 Valentine's Day Balloon Dubai


Valentine's Day Chocolate Dubai

Valentine's Day Mugs Dubai

Be it something sweet like Cakes and Chocolates, Roses , Balloons or other gifts, you might find something you like for sure!



This blog has been penned by Latika Chawla, who is Co-Founder and Gift Guru at www.giftbag.ae

She is a mother of  two and writes on topics like Life in Dubai, Motherhood, Crafts for Kids, Family, etc. Her blog posts are featured on her personal blog, www.starsinthedesert.com

Jan 29, 2019 1:33:23 PM By Latika Chawla 0 Comments Gift Ideas,

For most parents, Life becomes a roller coaster ride after the kids. While children bring a whole lot of highs in our lives, one aspect of life that goes through a low, especially in the initial years, is Love and Relationship between the couple.

Valentine's Day is an occasion to celebrate Love in most people's lives. With children added to the equation, the way couples celebrate this day changes. While some say that there is more love to celebrate and best is to do it altogether as a family, others are of the view that some 'us-time' is needed and they struggle to make arrangements around routines, babysitting, health issues, etc.

We spoke to a few Mommy bloggers in the UAE to see how their Valentine's Day celebrations have changed after children.

Khushboo Sanjania from Mumzy Notebook says, "My husband and I have  never really celebrated Valentine's Day in a big way. However I do remember before having my daughter, we would go out on a special dinner date on Valentine's Day, both dressed in red. We would send each other cheesy text messages through out the day, play romantic songs in the car when together and a couple of times, we've even watched a romantic movie at the cinema." How has it changed after the kids have been added to the equation? 

 Khushboo Sanjania from Mumzy Notebook

Now as parents, date nights are not specifically just for Valentine's Day, but on any day that we get the opportunity to be alone together. The thought of leaving our young daughter at home, who is still very dependent, would be too stressful for us. And anyway, if Valentine's Day is all about spending the day with your loved ones, we do exactly that when we are finally together at home. All three of us have a lovely meal at the dinner table and end the night watching a romantic movie on the iPad, in our PJs. Oh, and ofcourse, those cheesy text messages still happen."


Aktha Jiyas from Mama Bear and Danat

For Aktha Jiyas from Mama Bear & Danat, Valentine's Day has only gotten better after the kids! "Before kids we hardly celebrated valentines, I dont even remember wishing each other on Feb 14th. But after kids, I am always eager to do things, to keep everything lively, and so started celebrating it. We still do nothing as a COUPLE, but as a family of four our Feb 14th is full of chocolates and red tees. And I tell my elder one (youngest is too young) that every single day is a celebration in itself and Feb 14th is dedicated for love between mum, papa, grandparents,  siblings, uncles, aunts, friends, whoever spreads love. Contrary to what happens with most couples, mine is extremely opposite...We started celebrating valentines after kids."


Priya Acharya from The Mommyzsphere

Priya Acharya from The Mommyz Sphere, tries to keep the romance in Valentine's Day even now. Before kids, "We would go try to spend the whole day together and on a date for a movie followed by dinner. Now we try to make something special at home itself. My kids are 2 yrs old now. So I involve them in my preparations as well. I'm planning to make my kids sleep a little early on that day and chill with my husband and spend the much needed quality time."


For Kinshoo Agarwal from Mom Learning with Baby, who were never big on Valentine's Day, nothing much has changed. "We are actually not a very romantic or expressive couple. We both just express through eyes or a quick hug. So obviously, Valentine's Day is very much like a routine day for us, only we would cut a cake, that too not necessarily every year. Have never planned anything in particular. We are married for 6 years now. Things haven't changed much with a 3 year old on board. Though we get less occasions to spend "WE" time these days (post-baby), I try to do little cheesy things (a card or a love note at the max) just to break the usual and keep rekindling feelings that tend to fade away with added parenting responsibilities."


Latika Chawla from Stars in the Desert 

In my case, a lot has changed in the way we celebrate Valentine's Day...and most of it hasn't! I do a lot of Valentine crafts and DIYs with my sons in the first few days of February. I love talking to them about love and the spirit of Valentine's day. The day of 14th February is solely dedicated to work with Giftbag.ae, making other people's love stories happen. However, as always, my husband and I do plan a special dinner date on the day after Valentine's Day.


Do you think a lot has changed in the way you celebrate Valentine's Day after having kids? Drop in a comment below.

If you want to make it special by sending a Valentine's day gift to your love on february 14th and are short on ideas, then have a look at our Valentine's Day gifts. From flowers to cakes and teddy bears, we have got it all covered for you.

 Sweet Love Hamper Gift of Love


This blog has been penned by Latika Chawla, who is Co-Founder and Gift Guru at www.giftbag.ae

She is a mother of  two and writes on topics like Life in Dubai, Motherhood, Crafts for Kids, Family, etc. Her blog posts are featured on her personal blog, www.starsinthedesert.com


Who loves receiving gifts?

Who smiles when they receive a gift?

Who feels loved when they realize that the sender thought of them on a special day?


So shouldn't we all try to reach out to our family and friends and gift them a smile today.

We, at Giftbag.ae, love spreading smiles and spreading love, through YOU. Every time one of our clients send gifts to their loved ones on their special occasions, we are super excited to be delivering it. We smile when we see our recipients smile when they receive their gifts.

We love going out of our way to make special moments happen for others -

Be it a midnight delivery with a personalized cake, Happy Birthday balloon bouquet and a bouquet of flowers, from a fiance in USA to her love in Dubai,

Giftbag.ae gift ideas

Or, a delivery of New Baby Balloon bouquets and of balloons spelling out the baby's name, to a new mom in the hospital's delivery suite,

Or, a special delivery to the Italian Embassy to deliver this Just Married Balloon Bouquet, for someone's wedding day - we are more than happy to accommodate your requests and make any day memorable for the recipient.

Just Married Balloon Bouquet

Go ahead, make someone smile today. With us, it's just a click-of-a-button away.


This blog has been penned by Latika Chawla, who is Co-Founder and Gift Guru at www.giftbag.ae

She is a mother of  two and writes on topics like Life in Dubai, Motherhood, Crafts for Kids, Family, etc. Her blog posts are featured on her personal blog, www.starsinthedesert.com


Valentine's Day...the day when everyone who is in love wants to do something special to express their love. I, personally believe that just certain days in a year are not enough to express one's love and love can be expressed in daily routine life with thoughts, gestures and words. All said and done, I am a big romantic at heart and love the universal feeling of love and romance around Valentine's Day!

At Giftbag.ae, we have a variety of Valentine's day gifts to help you to please your love in Dubai - gifts ranging from edibles like cakes and fruit arrangements to flowers and balloons and techie gifts too! From gift hampers to personalized frames and coupons - we have a lot for you to choose from.

Valentine Ombre Cake


Puppy Love Balloon Bouquet

If you want to add an extra special touch to your gift and do something handmade for your love, then here are a few ideas we found, to help you out.


14 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

1. Heart-shaped Tea Bags -
Put a smile on the face of your loved ones and remind them of your love, everytime they have a cup of tea. Make these in any flavor of you choice - English Breakfast, Darjeeling or Green. 

Source: DIY Enthusiasts

2. Seven Days of Love -
Fill this weekly pill box with little love notes, keep it next to his or her bedside and give them a daily dose of your love.

Seven Days of Love Source: Dating Divas

3. DIY Carved Candle with Initials -
Carve your initials as a symbol of your love on a candle.
 DIY Carved Candle with Initials Source: Hello Glow

4. Thumbprint Valentine Mug - 
A fun valentine gift where you can get the kids involved too. 

Thumbprint Mug Source: One Artsy Mama

5. Decorate your Bedroom - 
Surprise him or her,, with these balloons and pictures, when they walk into your bedroom. 

Decorate your bedroom Source: Everyday Art 

6. 'I Love You Because...' printable message board - 

Tell your partner why you love him or her with this erasable message board.

I love You becauseSource: Life Sweet Life

7. Pop-Up Photo Box - 
A simple but unique gift idea. 

Pop-up Photo BoxSource: The DIY Village

8. Heart Bookmark - 
The perfect for somes who loves books, as much as they love you.
Heart BookmarkSource: Martha Stewart

9. Chocolate Bar Wrappers -
Use these printable wrapper designs and put them on any chocolate bar of your choice.

Printable Chocolate Wrappers Source: Oleander and Palm

10. DIY Love Mugs - 
Easy and Crafty gift for Valentine's Day. 
DIY Love MugsSource: At the Picket Fence

11. Valentine's Day Gift Bag - 
Pack their favorite things in a brown bag and gift it to them on Valentine's day. you can do this for everyone in the family, too!
Valentine's Gift BagSource: Newlywed's Cookbook

12. Valentine's Day Lollipops - 
Super easy to make - these lollipops will bring a smile to your lover's face. 
Valentine LollipopsSource: The Decorated Cookie

13. Valentine's Day Surprise Scratch Cards - 
Use your imagination to write anything under the scratch fields.
Valentine Surprise Scratch CardsSource: Ellan Rose 

14. Serving Up Some Love - 
This serves two purposes - First, the tray is a gift by itself and secondly, you can use it for serving breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day and Birthdays and Anniversaries. 

Serving Love TraySource: Life Over Easy


Hope you have fun creating and gifting some of these from our above list. Please do let us know in the comments below, how your gifts turn out!


This blog has been penned by Latika Chawla, who is Co-Founder and Gift Guru at www.giftbag.ae

She is a mother of  two and writes on topics like Life in Dubai, Motherhood, Crafts for Kids, Family, etc. Her blog posts are featured on her personal blog, www.starsinthedesert.com


It's the season to be jolly! It's gifting season! It's everyone's favorite time of the year!

Giftbag.ae and Stars in the Desert are having a Christmas Giveaway competition, where we will be giving this festive hamper to two lucky winners! The hamper includes a 10% discount voucher for shopping on Giftbag.ae too!

Christmas Hamper

Here is how you can participate:

1. Like this post on Instagram

2. Follow @giftbag.ae and @starsinthedesert on Instagram

3. Comment at the post by tagging at least 3 friends. Every 3 friends counts as 1 entry, so the more you tag, the more your chances of winning. Reposting this post will also get you an extra entry in the competition.

4. To increase your chances of winning, post a picture of what you want from Santa this year using #giftbagae.


Terms & Conditions: 1. Contest open till midnight on 20th December 2016. Winners will be announced on 21st December 2016. 2. Contest open to Dubai residents only. 3. Your account settings have to be Public, for us to view your pictures & reposts. 4. This is in no way sponsored, administered or associated with Instagram Inc. 5. By entering, entrants confirm they are 15+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram's term of use.

Dec 14, 2016 4:00:06 AM By Latika Bhambani 0 Comments Gift Ideas,

Wondering what to get your kids or your friends' kids for Christmas this year? Most kids have it all planned and know exactly what they want from Santa Claus each year, even writing letters to Santa giving elaborate descriptions of each gift they want.

However, some parents like to gift their child something in addition to the gifts needed and are always on the lookout for ideas to make Christmas extra special. If you are visiting friends with kids, then it's a difficult choice on what to get them for Christmas.

Other than the usual toys and clothes, we offer a few ideas, depending on the age and interests of the child.


If you or your friends have recently had a baby, then this Trinket Tray or the Trinket tray with Gold Edging with the baby's initals on a ceramic tray, can be a perfect keepsake for baby's first Christmas.




Pre-schoolers love most things messy and arty. This Peter Rabbit Poster Art set would be the right gift to encourage their artisitic skills and add to their collection.




These inflatable Air-walkers in the form of Elsa, Mickey Mouse or Minion or these inflatable pet animals (more than 15 options to choose from) are guaranteed to be a hit with any child when they follow them around the house during the festive season.




For the older kids with a passion for reading and all things Roald Dahl, this Lunch set, including Roald Dahl themed water bottle, 3 nested lunch boxes and a lunch bag, would please them a lot. This Roald Dahl writing set with magenetic memo pads and a writing journal is also a good option for your future writers.




We all know how difficult it is to pleans teens! However, most of them do like everything techie. A gaming console like Sony Playstation 4 Pro or the XBox One - 2TB can please  your young gamers. If something "cool" is what you are looking for, then these special edition Apple Watches by Nike, might just solve all your problems.




Not to forget, when Santa Claus brings them their presents, the kids have to feed Santa too! This personalised ceramic plate completes the Christmas tree ritual, where your child can leave a hot drink and a cookie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph, the reindeer, by the Christmas tree on Christmas eve.


An important point to remember, whatever the present, make sure you buy it or book it with enough time to spare to avoid last minute disappointments. Please note that the last day to book our Ceramic and other personalised products for Christmas 2016, will be 9th December 2016.

All said and done, the most important thing during the festive season is to get together with family and friends and create memories that will last a lifetime!


This blog has been penned by Latika Chawla, who is Co-Founder and Gift Guru at www.giftbag.ae

She is a mother of  two and writes on topics like Life in Dubai, Motherhood, Crafts for Kids, Family, etc. Her blog posts are featured on her personal blog, www.starsinthedesert.com

As a gift consultant, when I suggest flowers as gifts to my clients, I get varied responses like:

1. The men love the idea as its simple and hassle-free, yet guaranteed to work to please the women in their lives.
2. The women think flowers are too feminine and their male counterparts wouldn't appreciate them fully.

Most people only think of Red or Pink roses when they think of gifting flowers to someone. As someone who loves flowers and secretly aspired to be a florist someday, I think its really unfair to the lillies, carnations, tulips and orchids.

Agreed that Red and Pink roses work best if you want to express your love to your woman, especially on an anniversary or on Valentine's day, but there are numerous other floral arrangements that can be gifted at other occassions.

Sober Surprise  Dozen Tulips

Arrangements like DOZEN ORANGE TULIPS, SOBER SURPRISE, PINK BEAUTY or GLOWING TULIP BOUQUET are the solution when you want to gift flowers to your best friend on her birthday.


These SUNSHINE BLOOMS, BEST WISHES and SUNNY ASIATIC LILLIES are perfect as Get Well Soon presents or to shoo someone's mid-week blues away.


LITTLE PARADISE, PICTURE PERFECT and PARTY WITH FLOWERS can be used as centrepieces for your dinner parties at home.


Don't you think GRAND CELEBRATORY BOUQUET or MR. & MRS. LOVEBIRDS will make a perfect anniversary present for your parents or close friends?


A tip a florist once gave me - Always make sure you cut off a little bit of the stems from the bottom before putting your flowers in water. If you do not have flower food, a spoon of sugar, added to the water, should suffice in helping to keep them fresh longer.

Looking for other gifting ideas? If you want to send a gift to a friend or loved one anywhere in Dubai and UAE, please do not hesitate to contact our Gift Gurus on info@giftbag.ae and we will gladly help you find the best gifts. After all, our motto is Gifting Made Easy!


This blog has been penned by Latika Chawla, who is Co-Founder and Gift Guru at www.giftbag.ae

She is a mother of  two and writes on topics like Life in Dubai, Motherhood, Crafts for Kids, Family, etc. Her blog posts are featured on her personal blog, www.starsinthedesert.com

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