Wondering what to get your kids or your friends' kids for Christmas this year? Most kids have it all planned and know exactly what they want from Santa Claus each year, even writing letters to Santa giving elaborate descriptions of each gift they want.

However, some parents like to gift their child something in addition to the gifts needed and are always on the lookout for ideas to make Christmas extra special. If you are visiting friends with kids, then it's a difficult choice on what to get them for Christmas.

Other than the usual toys and clothes, we offer a few ideas, depending on the age and interests of the child.


If you or your friends have recently had a baby, then this Trinket Tray or the Trinket tray with Gold Edging with the baby's initals on a ceramic tray, can be a perfect keepsake for baby's first Christmas.




Pre-schoolers love most things messy and arty. This Peter Rabbit Poster Art set would be the right gift to encourage their artisitic skills and add to their collection.




These inflatable Air-walkers in the form of Elsa, Mickey Mouse or Minion or these inflatable pet animals (more than 15 options to choose from) are guaranteed to be a hit with any child when they follow them around the house during the festive season.




For the older kids with a passion for reading and all things Roald Dahl, this Lunch set, including Roald Dahl themed water bottle, 3 nested lunch boxes and a lunch bag, would please them a lot. This Roald Dahl writing set with magenetic memo pads and a writing journal is also a good option for your future writers.




We all know how difficult it is to pleans teens! However, most of them do like everything techie. A gaming console like Sony Playstation 4 Pro or the XBox One - 2TB can please  your young gamers. If something "cool" is what you are looking for, then these special edition Apple Watches by Nike, might just solve all your problems.




Not to forget, when Santa Claus brings them their presents, the kids have to feed Santa too! This personalised ceramic plate completes the Christmas tree ritual, where your child can leave a hot drink and a cookie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph, the reindeer, by the Christmas tree on Christmas eve.


An important point to remember, whatever the present, make sure you buy it or book it with enough time to spare to avoid last minute disappointments. Please note that the last day to book our Ceramic and other personalised products for Christmas 2016, will be 9th December 2016.

All said and done, the most important thing during the festive season is to get together with family and friends and create memories that will last a lifetime!


This blog has been penned by Latika Chawla, who is Co-Founder and Gift Guru at www.giftbag.ae

She is a mother of  two and writes on topics like Life in Dubai, Motherhood, Crafts for Kids, Family, etc. Her blog posts are featured on her personal blog, www.starsinthedesert.com