Mega Mystery Egg for Boys

AED 100.00

Mega Mystery Egg – What will you find? The Ultimate Toy Surprise. Guaranteed Fidget Toy In Every Mega Mystery Egg. The Mega Mystery Egg is filled with full size toy surprises for you to discover and have fun! You will get 6 surprises in your Golden Mega egg! Make your selection based on hobbies and favorite past times!

The Mega-Egg is the Ultimate gift for your kid or friend: Easter, Eid Gifts, Birthday Parties, Christmas Gifts and so much more. They are also the best value toy to buy to get 6 different toys for the child to enjoy!

Pack of fun toys for kids.

Adds to the curiosity and excitement level of kids.

Durable material. Jumbo Golden Egg is refillable and can be reused.