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Gifting Guide for Mother’s Day

A mother is the most irreplaceable person in your life and what better way to express your love for her than to treat her extra special on Mother’s Day. Along with birthdays and festive occasions, it is the one important day marked on all our calendars. With this special day just around the corner, is here […]

Free Valentine’s Day Printable Posters

At we love Valentine’s Day! What’s not to love about the day of love? We want to try to make it special for everyone. So even if your love is out of town, or if you’re facing a cash crunch and cannot send them something big and expensive, we have just the thing for […]

Send a gift – Spread a Smile

BE THE REASON SOMEONE SMILES TODAY! Who loves receiving gifts? Who smiles when they receive a gift? Who feels loved when they realize that the sender thought of them on a special day? WE ALL DO! So shouldn’t we all try to reach out to our family and friends and gift them a smile today. […]

14 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day…the day when everyone who is in love wants to do something special to express their love. I, personally believe that just certain days in a year are not enough to express one’s love and love can be expressed in daily routine life with thoughts, gestures and words. All said and done, I am […]

Flowers as Gifts – Overestimated by some, Underestimated by most

As a gift consultant, when I suggest flowers as gifts to my clients, I get varied responses like: 1. The men love the idea as its simple and hassle-free, yet guaranteed to work to please the women in their lives.2. The women think flowers are too feminine and their male counterparts wouldn’t appreciate them fully. […]

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