Flowers as Gifts – Overestimated by some, Underestimated by most

As a gift consultant, when I suggest flowers as gifts to my clients, I get varied responses like:

1. The men love the idea as its simple and hassle-free, yet guaranteed to work to please the women in their lives.
2. The women think flowers are too feminine and their male counterparts wouldn’t appreciate them fully.

Most people only think of Red or Pink roses when they think of gifting flowers to someone. As someone who loves flowers and secretly aspired to be a florist someday, I think its really unfair to the lillies, carnations, tulips and orchids.

Agreed that Red and Pink roses work best if you want to express your love to your woman, especially on an anniversary or on Valentine’s day, but there are numerous other floral arrangements that can be gifted at other occassions.

Sober Surprise
Dozen Tulips

Arrangements like DOZEN ORANGE TULIPSSOBER SURPRISEPINK BEAUTY or GLOWING TULIP BOUQUET are the solution when you want to gift flowers to your best friend on her birthday.

These SUNSHINE BLOOMSBEST WISHES and SUNNY ASIATIC LILLIES are perfect as Get Well Soon presents or to shoo someone’s mid-week blues away.

LITTLE PARADISEPICTURE PERFECT and PARTY WITH FLOWERS can be used as centrepieces for your dinner parties at home.

Don’t you think GRAND CELEBRATORY BOUQUET or MR. & MRS. LOVEBIRDS will make a perfect anniversary present for your parents or close friends?

A tip a florist once gave me – Always make sure you cut off a little bit of the stems from the bottom before putting your flowers in water. If you do not have flower food, a spoon of sugar, added to the water, should suffice in helping to keep them fresh longer.

Looking for other gifting ideas? If you want to send a gift to a friend or loved one anywhere in Dubai and UAE, please do not hesitate to contact our Gift Gurus on and we will gladly help you find the best gifts. After all, our motto is Gifting Made Easy!

This blog has been penned by Latika Chawla, who is Co-Founder and Gift Guru at

She is a mother of  two and writes on topics like Life in Dubai, Motherhood, Crafts for Kids, Family, etc. Her blog posts are featured on her personal blog,

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