14 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day…the day when everyone who is in love wants to do something special to express their love. I, personally believe that just certain days in a year are not enough to express one’s love and love can be expressed in daily routine life with thoughts, gestures and words. All said and done, I am a big romantic at heart and love the universal feeling of love and romance around Valentine’s Day!

At Giftbag.ae, we have a variety of Valentine’s day gifts to help you to please your love in Dubai – gifts ranging from edibles like cakes and fruit arrangements to flowers and balloons and techie gifts too! From gift hampers to personalized frames and coupons – we have a lot for you to choose from.

Valentine Ombre Cake
Puppy Love Balloon Bouquet

If you want to add an extra special touch to your gift and do something handmade for your love, then here are a few ideas we found, to help you out.

14 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

1. Heart-shaped Tea Bags – 
Put a smile on the face of your loved ones and remind them of your love, everytime they have a cup of tea. Make these in any flavor of you choice – English Breakfast, Darjeeling or Green. 

Source: DIY Enthusiasts

Seven Days of Love

2. Seven Days of Love – 
Fill this weekly pill box with little love notes, keep it next to his or her bedside and give them a daily dose of your love.

 Source: Dating Divas

DIY Carved Candle with Initials

3. DIY Carved Candle with Initials – 
Carve your initials as a symbol of your love on a candle.
  Source: Hello Glow

Thumbprint Mug

4. Thumbprint Valentine Mug – 
A fun valentine gift where you can get the kids involved too. 

 Source: One Artsy Mama

Decorate your bedroom

5. Decorate your Bedroom – 
Surprise him or her,, with these balloons and pictures, when they walk into your bedroom. 

 Source: Everyday Art 

6. ‘I Love You Because…’ printable message board – 

I love You because

Tell your partner why you love him or her with this erasable message board.

Source: Life Sweet Life

Pop-up Photo Box

7. Pop-Up Photo Box – 
A simple but unique gift idea. 

Source: The DIY Village

Heart Bookmark

8. Heart Bookmark – 
The perfect for somes who loves books, as much as they love you.
Source: Martha Stewart

Printable Chocolate Wrappers

9. Chocolate Bar Wrappers – 
Use these printable wrapper designs and put them on any chocolate bar of your choice.

 Source: Oleander and Palm

DIY Love Mugs

10. DIY Love Mugs – 
Easy and Crafty gift for Valentine’s Day. 
Source: At the Picket Fence

Valentine's Gift Bag

11. Valentine’s Day Gift Bag – 
Pack their favorite things in a brown bag and gift it to them on Valentine’s day. you can do this for everyone in the family, too!
Source: Newlywed’s Cookbook

Valentine Lollipops

12. Valentine’s Day Lollipops – 
Super easy to make – these lollipops will bring a smile to your lover’s face. 
Source: The Decorated Cookie

Valentine Surprise Scratch Cards

13. Valentine’s Day Surprise Scratch Cards – 
Use your imagination to write anything under the scratch fields.
Source: Ellan Rose 

14. Serving Up Some Love – 
This serves two purposes – First, the tray is a gift by itself and secondly, you can use it for serving breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day and Birthdays and Anniversaries. 

Serving Love Tray

Source: Life Over Easy

Hope you have fun creating and gifting some of these from our above list. Please do let us know in the comments below, how your gifts turn out!

This blog has been penned by Latika Chawla, who is Co-Founder and Gift Guru at www.giftbag.ae

She is a mother of  two and writes on topics like Life in Dubai, Motherhood, Crafts for Kids, Family, etc. Her blog posts are featured on her personal blog, www.starsinthedesert.com

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