Valentine’s Day Before and After Kids

For most parents, Life becomes a roller coaster ride after the kids. While children bring a whole lot of highs in our lives, one aspect of life that goes through a low, especially in the initial years, is Love and Relationship between the couple.

Valentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate Love in most people’s lives. With children added to the equation, the way couples celebrate this day changes. While some say that there is more love to celebrate and best is to do it altogether as a family, others are of the view that some ‘us-time’ is needed and they struggle to make arrangements around routines, babysitting, health issues, etc.

We spoke to a few Mommy bloggers in the UAE to see how their Valentine’s Day celebrations have changed after children.

Khushboo Sanjania from Mumzy Notebook says, “My husband and I have  never really celebrated Valentine’s Day in a big way. However I do remember before having my daughter, we would go out on a special dinner date on Valentine’s Day, both dressed in red. We would send each other cheesy text messages through out the day, play romantic songs in the car when together and a couple of times, we’ve even watched a romantic movie at the cinema.” How has it changed after the kids have been added to the equation?

Khushboo Sanjania from Mumzy Notebook

Now as parents, date nights are not specifically just for Valentine’s Day, but on any day that we get the opportunity to be alone together. The thought of leaving our young daughter at home, who is still very dependent, would be too stressful for us. And anyway, if Valentine’s Day is all about spending the day with your loved ones, we do exactly that when we are finally together at home. All three of us have a lovely meal at the dinner table and end the night watching a romantic movie on the iPad, in our PJs. Oh, and ofcourse, those cheesy text messages still happen.”

Aktha Jiyas from Mama Bear and Danat

For Aktha Jiyas from Mama Bear & Danat, Valentine’s Day has only gotten better after the kids! “Before kids we hardly celebrated valentines, I dont even remember wishing each other on Feb 14th. But after kids, I am always eager to do things, to keep everything lively, and so started celebrating it. We still do nothing as a COUPLE, but as a family of four our Feb 14th is full of chocolates and red tees. And I tell my elder one (youngest is too young) that every single day is a celebration in itself and Feb 14th is dedicated for love between mum, papa, grandparents,  siblings, uncles, aunts, friends, whoever spreads love. Contrary to what happens with most couples, mine is extremely opposite…We started celebrating valentines after kids.”

Priya Acharya from The Mommyzsphere

Priya Acharya from The Mommyz Sphere, tries to keep the romance in Valentine’s Day even now. Before kids, “We would go try to spend the whole day together and on a date for a movie followed by dinner. Now we try to make something special at home itself. My kids are 2 yrs old now. So I involve them in my preparations as well. I’m planning to make my kids sleep a little early on that day and chill with my husband and spend the much needed quality time.”

For Kinshoo Agarwal from Mom Learning with Baby, who were never big on Valentine’s Day, nothing much has changed. “We are actually not a very romantic or expressive couple. We both just express through eyes or a quick hug. So obviously, Valentine’s Day is very much like a routine day for us, only we would cut a cake, that too not necessarily every year. Have never planned anything in particular. We are married for 6 years now. Things haven’t changed much with a 3 year old on board. Though we get less occasions to spend “WE” time these days (post-baby), I try to do little cheesy things (a card or a love note at the max) just to break the usual and keep rekindling feelings that tend to fade away with added parenting responsibilities.”

Latika Chawla from Stars in the Desert

In my case, a lot has changed in the way we celebrate Valentine’s Day…and most of it hasn’t! I do a lot of Valentine crafts and DIYs with my sons in the first few days of February. I love talking to them about love and the spirit of Valentine’s day. The day of 14th February is solely dedicated to work with, making other people’s love stories happen. However, as always, my husband and I do plan a special dinner date on the day after Valentine’s Day.

Do you think a lot has changed in the way you celebrate Valentine’s Day after having kids? Drop in a comment below.

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